Bowspring Classes

Level l Roots

Vital's signature set series of Elementals and Level 1 poses only.  Practiced in an 80 degree room, Level 1 Roots is best suited for practitioners who have an embodied understanding of the Elementals alignment. 

Stretch and Restore

The first portion of this movement-based class will begin with active stretching and gentle posturing.  The second portion will be restorative, utilizing props with lots of hands-on adjustments and fascial sculpting.

Level II

Includes more intermediate postures from the Vital Roots sequence. Students should have a good working knowledge of the Bowspring.


Vital Roots (Level II)

Sridaiva’s signature set series of 54 base poses. Practiced in an 80º (maximum temperature) room, Vital Roots is best suited for those practitioners who have a proficient knowledge of the Bowspring.


Playground (Level III)

This advanced Sridaiva class includes the most complex and challenging postures and exercises of the Bowspring. Students should have months of training within the Sridaiva system before attending this level.

Wim Hof Method 
This class is based upon the teachings of Wim Hof -- a 25x Guinness World Record holder -- whose current mission is to bring happiness, health and strength to all Beings. Wim Hof has developed special breathing techniques that keep his body in optimal condition and in complete control under extreme conditions. 


Covers all the basic alignments of the Bowspring for the hands, feet, legs and arms, and is used in all poses in every class at Vital. This is a preliminary class to Level I and suitable for Bowspring Orientation.


Level I

Covers all the fundamental poses to best learn the dynamic posture of the Bowspring in any plane – standing, lying down, and upside down. Suitable for Bowspring Orientation.

Vital is the global training center for the Bowspring. All Vital clients commit to 1 - 2 Bowspring classes per week each month starting with Elementals and Level 1 and then slowly progressing to Levels 2 and 3 over the course of years of practice.

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